"Made in Indonesia" 2011
Cremation in Bali

"Made in Africa" 2009/2010
Daily life in Mali

"Two Generation After" 2009
Why, What and How to teach the Shoah issues on Holocaust education using personnal narratives and stories

Zinneke Parade in Brussels " 2008
A special type of Carnaval Event

2005: Documentary Video project

accueil What we see from here is not what we see from there This documentary aims to show the multiple Jewish Identities of jews living outside Israel versa the multiple Jewish Israeli Identities ; work in progress
2005: On the road to a European Identity

Photo Project
Is there a collective identity covering European Countries.Work in progress
Photo exhibition
1994 : From Here and There
Espace Senghor Brussels
Portraits of Jewish Families living in Belgium

This work has been founded by a grant from the " Rich Foundation" Switzerland

1992: The hairdresser :
Mercator Brussels
Arabesque Gallery Brussels

1991: The hairdresser
Fayla Gallery , Brussels
What is hidding in your head when you visit your hairdresser ? A desire to change your " Look" ?
Permanent Collection

accueil1994 Portraits of Belgium Jews

Judah L Magnes Museum Berkeley
Cinema installation
1982 Film sculpture : Mount Tamalpais , California A landscape. A rock. A sheet A film being previously shot during foggy conditions was projected onto a rock. A sheet which served as the projection screen was the sheet used in the original film An ancien ritual and technological success
From 2002/2005

Photo slide show around cultures, people, identities. Ouzbek, Arabic, Catalan, Indian.
2009: Photography class XP4 Photo Association
Coaching for Creatives

2009: Extension Course - Lifelong Studies
University of Leuven
Photography Class

2004: Photography class, International School of Brussels

2003: Photography class, Montessori School of Brussels

1985/04: Photography class, Kids Computer Club
1984/85 : Whitney Museum Of American Art
New York, NY 10021, USA

1983/84 : St Martin's School of Art
Covent Garden, London
Certificate of Advanced Studies

1979/82: San Francisco Art Institute
Bachelor Degree in Fine Art

Research Grant
British Concil 1983, Rich Foundation 1994